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Our Services

Full Denture
Immediate Denture
Hard Night Guard
Thermo-Flex Bite Guard
Partial Framework
Custom Tray
Stainless Steel Wire Clasps
Partial Acrylic Work
1 Saddle
2 Saddles
3 Saddles
Teeth not included
11 working days for frameworks
4 working days for all other work
Same day for relines and repairs if called before 10:00
All-Ceramic Restorations
IPS e. max Veneer
IPS e. max Monolithic Crown
IPS e. max Layered Crown
Multi-Layered Katana Zirconia
Layered Zirconia
PFM Restorations
Non - Precious
High - Noble White
Noble - Noble Yellow
Custom Abutment
Custom Abutment Gold/Zirc
Custom Atlantis Abutment
Porcelain Margin
Bridge Connector
Contour Crown to Partial (existing/future)
9 days for PFM
9 days for e max
9 days for zirconia
3 days for fast track cases ($50.00 Extra)

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Our Team

Our Team

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Our Dental Lab Is in Jacksonville, FL